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First Big Snow @ Hewes Brook Lodge 2016.

We had an amazing two feet of Heavy Wet snow and I had my first ride . We left at 7:30 am and returned at 12:00 all off trail riding, the only problem was I left the trail 5 times because the snow was so heavy and wet I just couldn’t hold it in the corners. In the ditch 5 feet down is not where you want to be with a 700 # sled. Anyway with Cory on his free ride and a new Bungie we pulled my sled out 5 times and then headed like Hell back to the Lodge. Wow what a morning.Thanks to Cory for once again getting me out !!

On Dec 2nd I was at H.B.L. to see Two Plus Feet of Snow cover the ground in less then two days. This is a great start for what I would consider an exceptional Year 2017 for all around snowmobiling and Epic Back Country Snowmobiling. So come join us for some of the best Hospitality / Cheer in our new Retreat Ctr at H.B.L. May everyone have a joyful “Christmas Season”